Getting better at working with people is one of the keys to chasing success.

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Recently I’ve been reading the book How to Make Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. In this rather simple book, you get an overview of the skills you need to work with people. These are skills they don’t teach in school and they really should.

To make it easy, I’m going to start with the two biggest lessons of my study so far. To make it a bit more manageable I have given them my own little twist.

How to be better at working with people?

1. Charm

Some tips on how you can get back on track after a failure.

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The secret to success is consistency. It’s doing the right things day after day, no matter what. We know this. If we work everyday and keep building from one success to the next, then we will gradually build momentum towards that long term vision of success.

But what if you can’t be consistent?

I mean, what if you’re like me and you find yourself in the mud, with all your little projects stalled?

Well then I guess you just have to get better at consistently starting again.

Why do we always have to fail?

Now, I’m sure it’s not just me. I’m sure you all have your…

Big future goals will keep you striving, but the daily intention will have you living the life you want now

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What a strange time to wish for happiness. You’re probably not happy. You’re in isolation, socially distancing, and fearing the dreaded invisible plague. Or maybe you’ve had enough and you’re out there fighting for your freedom. It’s not up to me to judge here, I just know that whichever you’re doing, you’re probably not feeling very happy.

Happy is what we all want. It’s why we all strive to write our own story, to create great goals and chase the beautiful life.

  • Become a writer, I’ll be happy
  • Travel the world, I’ll be happy
  • Become financially free, I’ll be happy

A poem about the daily grind

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What is the point of striving and hustling,
Chasing the sun and trying to outrun the time;
Going against the flow, driving and bustling,
Contemplating a tree that is too hard to climb.

Why suffer the slings and arrows of trying?
When the world will just resist and leave you
In a barren waste of bitter, shallow, crying
Pushing pointless against all the stuff left to do.

It’s annoying and angry and futile this feeling,
Like ants crawling over you, biting at will. …

A poem about striving for the good life

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Let us live a beautiful life together,
Somewhere where life is sweet and we feel pretty.
A place just like paradise in the city,
Where the air is clean and there’s perfect weather

Give us those things that live here in our dreams;
Wealth and happiness to the depths of the sea;
Life liberty justice and living stress free;
Wealth and fortune flowing like a stream.

The good life for us, for you and for me;
A life of beauty, health, wealth and wisdom;
Joys of life, with peace of the heavenly kingdom;
Where we care for each other in our family tree…

If I can find love and happiness so can you!

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When someone is unlucky in love they can often feel like the whole world is against them.

Someone in this situation might feel that the world is unfair, that they are missing something or that they’re unlucky.

These were some of the feelings I used to have.

I don’t know if you can relate. I mean, I used to really suck at the whole game.

The worst thing was, the more I over thought it all and the more useless advice I got, the more desperate I felt and the more it felt like I would never make it happen.

Don’t we all want to live a beautiful life?

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It was 5am on a cold Saturday morning. The sun was slowly making its presence felt as Joey drove up in his battered old sedan. He got out of the car and stretched out, feeling the creaks in his back and the burn of disturbed sleep in his eyes.

He lit another cigarette and faced the old white, graffiti tagged, roller door. It was not a pretty sight and it made him suck the cigarette harder; his third for the early, early morning.

Soon he would have to start; roll that door up, switch on the lights, start the cookers…

We all know we’re stressed, but what are the other two major issues facing families today?

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We live in an interesting world. An interesting time. Where life should have advanced to an awesome state of comfortable living. However, for many of us, and for our children, it is more stressful, scary and boring than ever.

That’s the surprising thing for me. In my ten years of working with children and young adults, I have been totally surprised to learn just how scared and bored many of our children have become. You may disagree, but if so, ask yourself, what is…

A great life comes from living the routines that bring you growth, happiness and health

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Along time ago, I used to be a bit of a loser. I was way over weight. I worked in a dead end job. I had dropped out of university. I had no love life and I drank like a sailor and smoked like a chimney.

Well, I guess I was a real loser. I was fat, broke, depressed and useless. And while I was in that terrible state, I would ask myself questions. ‘Why is it so hard for me?’ ‘Why can’t I…?’ ‘What’s wrong with me?’

Stupid questions really. Weak thoughts that infected every aspect of my life…

A story of love and adventure in paradise

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“She’s got the disease. You need to come back?”

Alex scrunched up his face in reaction to the text on his phone. Even if he wanted to go back, the disease was everywhere now. He couldn’t move.

“No flights, I’m stuck,”

He felt a twinge as he pressed send. The expectation hung heavy: What kind of son doesn’t fight Heaven and Earth to get home to their sick mother?

He took a pained second where he knew he should say something consoling, or even apologetic. Something reassuring to his sister. Something to show he cared.

Nothing came.

He looked up…

Joseph Brown

Joe is a university trained and experienced teacher and writer. He writes about his experiences with self-improvement and investing and hopes to inspire others.

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