Education Success: What to Teach our Kids?

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Current Education

So, what should we teach?

What’s not being taught?

A proviso

And then, when does this happen?

The Problem

What to teach our kids

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They start with:

Fear in education

1. Peer Pressure/Not Fitting In

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Socialization in education

2. Sex Education

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We don’t teach this stuff.

3. Failure

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4. Climate Change Education

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Mindset Education

5. Education about MONEY

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Schools’ Main Message about Money

No wonder there’s some fear and confusion.

6. Education for The Future and Growing Up

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How do you become an adult?

7. Bullying/Cyberbullying

A problem of socializing

Education Solutions

The Problem

8. Lost Identity Education

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Identity Education

But we don’t broach these subjects.

The education solution


9. Safety in Education

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Feeling Vulnerable

10. Embarrassment and Education

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Fear of the Social Media


A scary place!

Education Solution

Education Solution

Parentology’s Sources

Education Success: What do we teach our Kids?

So what do our kids need to learn to find success in their lives?

Final Apologies

Joe is a university trained and experienced teacher and writer. He writes about his experiences with self-improvement and investing and hopes to inspire others.

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